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Successfully delivered a proof of concept utilizing cutting edge technologies to demonstrate processing over 20,000 records per second. Technologies used include Spring Integration, Spring Batch, SQLFire, Spring Data, and tcServer.


Provided architectural direction and best practices for integrating very complex content management into a Java-based templating solution. Vetted architectural approach and made specific recommendations for further integration and best practices.

Large Airline

Reviewed existing shared services systems and built reference architecture and proof of concept to integrate multiple systems. Mentored existing staff on all architectural principles and created detailed playbook used for ramping up offshore team. The end result was a drastically reduced time to develop and test new services and with increased visibility through various tools introduced in the POC. Technologies utilized include Spring Integration, Spring MVC, Spring Web Services.


Led the technology and business execution, creating a platform for credit card reward optimization. Implementation used Ruby on Rails, Heroku, iOS/Objective-C, Android/Java, Postgres, and Amazon AWS.


Mid Size Financial Institution

We helped architect and build a proof of concept and reference architecture for a financial service provider. The architecture allowed for developers to leverage modern MVC and JavaScript frameworks for building rich, dynamic interactive forms while integrating seamlessly into a web CMS to allow for full business control over non-dynamic or data driven elements. The result was reduced development time and faster prototyping for new projects. We then provided mentoring of existing teams in new frameworks/technologies.


Re-architected and implemented transactional and analytical systems to support some of the most extreme throughput requirements to provide a real time, two-way communication infrastructure utilizing dual mesh wireless devices connected to cloud and on-premise systems. Built multithreaded, MQ-backed system for processing hundreds of thousands of meter reads per second. Integrated systems into billing, outage notification, distributed automation, and other mission-critical utility systems. Technologies used include JQuery, TCServer, Spring MVC, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Amazon SQS, Google Maps API, MySQL, and various ESRI GIS libraries.



Provided architectural recommendations for a highly available RabbitMQ cluster to support a new, massively scalable e-commerce product.



Set up Chef recipes to build out multi-region, multi-availability zone clusters for RabbitMQ in an Amazon EC2 environment as part of a multi-year strategic re-platforming effort. Assisted with the integration of webMethods, IBM WebSphere MQ and custom JEE applications.



Led the requirements creation, technical design and implementation of a mobile wallet and credit card tokenization project. This work was part of a multi-year strategy involving multiple stakeholders from the banking, financial service technology and credit card processing areas.



We can assist your team in developing business and technology strategies or help generate your next innovation and quickly iterate on prototypes. We know there are unique challenges your business faces. Our background in building early-stage companies and making large enterprises nimble can help you succeed.


You’re ready for the rubber to meet the road, but you need some help building the right team or leveraging the latest technology. We can help. From solution architecture to solving tough development and infrastructure problems, we’ve been there.


Waterfall? Agile? Small, co-located development team? Global delivery center with multiple partners? We’ve successfully delivered all of the above. Our team can help build your program management office or manage the program for you.



John has decades of experience both as a consultant and as a client of consultants. He has been building software based products for companies of all shapes and sizes for the past 15+ years. He has a strong blend of hands-on technical skills across numerous technology platforms combined with strong financial modeling and accounting skills as well as product management and strategy. He spent years running Amentra, an IT consulting shop that became the middleware consulting professional services arm of Red Hat in 2008.


Chris has more than 15 years of experience in software development, infrastructure, testing, and solution architecture. During that time he has proven his ability to be a hands-on subject matter expert as well as an effective leader of large, globally distributed teams. Chris understands that technology is a tool for business and is able to translate business strategies and tactics into technology solutions. He has strong business domain expertise in the financial services and payments space.


Sean has been designing, building, and testing software for over 10 years. During that time he has demonstrated the ability to lead cross-functional teams, work across verticals, and craft solutions that focus on the business goals of an organization. He consulted and led large scale projects for Amentra and most recently led the development of comprehensive new risk management systems at a major financial institution.


Thomas has over 10 years of experience in a complementary blend of technologies, including distributed design and development, enterprise architecture, dimensional analysis and modeling, data migration strategies, automated testing, and embedded systems. He has a strong history of leading teams both large and small and has worked with clients in various industries, including retail, insurance, finance, and energy.




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